One of the most interesting dancer/teacher/choreographers in the UK, Alejandro has  taught dance both nationally and internationally(Italy, Croatia, Spain, Portugal,Israel and L.A.)He trained  in ballet and Jazz for 5 years in Spain. After that period he decide to move to London to study different styles as Popping,Vogue, Dancehall and the 'Flight Mode Method' created by Rachel Kay. At the same time he travels to L.A. six times to continue learning and mastering his unique style.

He has performed in TV  shows including Disney Channel, Commercials including Sky Arts, Music videos and movies including Take That , 'The Holiday' and also in the "Love Letter Series" directed by Rachel Kay. Alejandro has competed at the 'Move as you are" battle (Los Angeles CA) and "Pure" battle (Los Angeles CA) where he classified in the Top 8 in both events.

He is the director/choreographer/teacher of the AIM dance training intensives at Creation Box London ,faculty teacher/choreographer at Runway House and Studio68 London.

Alejandro presented his work at 'Move it', 'Collabo' and 'Power House showcase' bringing his unique experimental fusion that create a bold and powerful work of art.

He always brings his knowledge, experience and passion in everything he does.



Art In Motion

Alejandro has created his own training method to support other dancers and artists to discover, refine and embrace their individuality.He requires extreme attention to quality of movement and discipline but making sure you work in a fun and positive environment.                                                                                                                            The training incorporates:

Different techniques combined with elements from Vogue,Popping,Dancehall,Jazz and Floorwork.                  Choreography,improvisation exercises, a deeper connection with the self and individual feedback which will support and enhance your individual development as an artist.

If you want to take the AIM Training Experience to your Studio or outside the UK send an email to the address below and you will receive all details within 48 hours.

Applications for the 7 weeks intensive in London '19 will be open soon!

This is a great opportunity to learn new skills and mastering your own artistic voice.



Upcoming Events

  • Resolution 2019:  "Ondule" by  Alejandro Mtz & Laura Rouzet
    Feb 12, 2019, 7:00 PM
    The Place, 17 Duke's Rd, Kings Cross, London WC1H 9PY, UK
    Ondule reflects on genderless movement and the animalistic essence of the body. Informed by Contemporary Dance and elements of Popping, Voguing and Dancehall, the duet creates a distinctive movements signature.